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Writers– Readers’ Guides

Espace de la diversité is hiring!

We are looking for writers to collaborate on the research and creation of readers’ guides for our upcoming multimedia platform project. These guides will center diverse literary works by minority authors.

Several writer contracts available.


  • Read, analyze, and write a 5-to-7-page reader’s guide on a literary work selected by the organization, and according to the protocols established by EDLD.

  • Identify and draw out themes from the book

  • Research related reading materials and include them in the guide

  • Collaborate on the guidebook with the Project Manager and English Language Coordinator 

  • Follow training and information sessions as needed

Job requirements

Skills and qualifications

  • University degree in literature, humanities, and/or a related field

  • Excellent command of written and spoken English

  • Fluency in French and/or other languages is a strong asset

  • Experience in pedagogy or teaching is an asset

  • Passionate about reading and proficient in analyzing texts

  • Strong writing, editing, and research skills

  • Knowledge of diversity in Canadian and Quebecois literature

  • Familiarity and interest in world literature

  • A strong awareness of the social issues affecting marginalized communities and individuals (BIPOC, LGBTQ+, immigrant, and women’s issues)

  • Team player

  • Mastery of Microsoft Teams, and/or the web platform Asana is an asset

  • Adaptability

  • Attention to detail and precision

Terms of the contract

  • 2-month contract

  • Writers must be available to work a minimum of 10 hours a week

  • Flat rate renumeration: 2000$

  • Remote work with occasional meetings in-person and/or online

  • Contract start date: Early May

Interested applicants should send their resumes as well as a cover letter to no later than May 3rd.  


Our mission statement and employment policy: EDLD is committed to fighting against racism and exclusion with books.

Our hiring policy reflects our belief that we must actively counter systemic racism and the underrepresentation of marginalized groups and racialized communities in the workplace, notably within the book industry. We encourage applicants from diverse backgrounds and with a kindred vision to apply for this contract.   


About EDLD

The EDLD seeks to amplify voices, highlighting the experiences of writers, readers, mediators of different backgrounds who share a passion for words and a sense of urgency for rethinking the relationship with the other. Its mandate as a space for reflection and for the sharing of ideas is to redefine the meaning of the word Togetherness by combating racism and exclusion through books. To break down boundaries dividing cultures, communities, languages, ​​and literatures in order to participate in the emergence of diversity as a fundamental value and meaning of being human.

Diversity and equity policy

As an organization whose raison d’être is the fight against racism through books and literature, our hiring policy is based on the conviction that it is necessary to actively counteract the systemic under-representation of marginalized groups, racialized communities, and people with disabilities in the workplace, especially the book industry.

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